Canada Media Marketplace is one of the most prominent Canadian events that take place in either New York or San Francisco. An annual celebration, the event brings together some of the best and brightest in Canadian and US media, each group contributing something that brings the quality of the industry one step higher in the quality ladder.

Who’s In It?

The Canada Media Marketplace brings together Canadian tourism organizations, hotel properties, transportation companies and more with some of the biggest United States travel media institutions known today.

Together, these groups swap information, talk about stories, backgrounds, source materials, and other factors that can contribute to the overall quality of their contribution to the masses. Combined with one-on-one events, the marketplace also serves as a portal for networking opportunities, allowing complementary businesses to meet and greet each other with the intent of forging better relationships and eventually – partnerships.

Storytelling Opportunity

So what is the Canada Media Marketplace all about? According to Canadian Tourism Commission executive Suzanne Reeves during the 2014 celebration, CMM is meant to deliver ‘value’ to all its participants. The aim is for the United States media to find out exactly what the Canadian story is all about.

Offering news-worthy information up close and up front, the CMM event makes it possible for the Canadian market to reach out and forge contacts with the US media. In return, the US media gains access to some of the most unique and interesting topics that add value to the quality of their service.

Canada Media Marketplace

For example, tourism boards from different parts of Canada are given the opportunity to pitch their ideas, locations, perks, and features to the US media. This works both ways because as Canadian tourism manages to obtain a willing audience for what they have to offer, the US media manages to obtain fresh new ideas that keep their reporting fueled and interesting.

It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that doesn’t just go well for the parties involved but also for the third part of this event: the people who will eventually watch and learn the information through the media.

Canada Media Marketplace 2016

The 2015 event is over and happened in San Francisco from April 20 to April 22, which means that for next year, New York would be the happy host of this event. Although there are no specifics about the marketplace yet, there’s no question that more people will be coming as representatives of their respective companies. For more information, make sure to check out the main website for Canada Media Marketplace and find out exactly how you can be part of the next big event.

Of course, the Canada Media Marketplace is just one of the few events hosted by the Canadian Tourism Commission. You’ll find that they have lots more in store as 2015 draws to a close.

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