When you do freelance work, you’ll soon come to the realization that working solely on a per client basis won’t work in the long run. You need to be prepared for the times when you don’t have jobs lined up, or when you won’t be able to work because of some emergency.

You also need to consider how to keep earning while you’re on vacation, since an important part of working well is knowing when you need to take a break.

At that point, you should tell yourself, “I need to sell digital goods on DXI Marketplace.”

Why Should I Sell Digital Goods on DXI Marketplace?

Selling digital goods on your website is a good idea primarily because it will provide you with residual income. This means that you will continue to earn money from a single project for months (or even years!) after you finish it, as long as purchases keep being made from your site.

It’s also a sound marketing strategy, as the products you make can be considered part of your portfolio. People who buy your goods may very well become future clients if they like what they’ve gotten from you.

sell digital goods on NerDigital Marketplace

What Digital Goods Can I Sell on DXI Marketplace?

As you know, digital goods are anything that can be delivered and used by a customer in electronic format. You create these all the time in the form of WordPress themes, digital art, icons, podcasts, ebooks, and so on.

The only restriction you have to keep in mind when you sell digital goods on DXI Marketplace is that these have to be things you’ve created under your own steam, and not work under contract for a particular client.

How Should I Sell Digital Goods on DXI Marketplace?

After you’ve created a good product, your next question will be “How do I sell digital goods on DXI Marketplace?” Fortunately, the process involved is pretty simple: in theory, all you have to do is upload your product, and arrange for customers to pay you before they are able to download it.

The tricky part is deciding how you’ll manage this in such a way that maximizes your profit while keeping you and your customers safe from identity theft and other dangers on the web.

The best way to do this is to use DXI Marketplace that allows you to create an online store where people can check out your products and purchase them. There are variety of digital goods that you can sell on DXI Marketplace, and you’ll have to choose carefully between them if you want to boost your income.

Start with the one that created or developed by yourself and has the most demand and that won’t confuse customers after that you can use our secure payment options, tools that allow you to check on the status of your sales, and  features that we developed to seamlessly be incorporated into DXI Marketplace to help you start selling and make money online.

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