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Creating a crowdfunding site has never been easier with Campaignify – the best theme for single campaign fundraising currently available. Imagine taking the very best of a Kickstarter campaign and leaving the frustrating parts behind.

  • You won’t be told what you can or can’t raise funds for – because it’s your own site.
  • You won’t have any part of your funds raised for your cause or project taken from you.
  • You won’t have any other campaigns draw your viewers attention away from your project.
  • Create Your Fundraising Site in Minutes

Famous for it’s five minute install, WordPress may be the part that takes the longest – installing the plugins and Campaignify is fast and easy. You’ll be crowdfunding in no time – in fact, it may even be faster than the time it takes you to apply for a Kickstarter project.

Powerful Features in the Palm of your Hand

Like everyone else, your prospects carry their phones with them everywhere they go. Now they can participate in your fundraising campaign without waiting until they’re at a computer. Campaignify is mobile-friendly with a responsive theme and allows users to create pledges easily from their phone.

Get Started Now

Crowdfunding with Campaignify couldn’t be any easier:

  • Define your fundraising goal.
  • Define your target date.
  • Define awards at specific giving amounts.
  • Then use the site to announce updates to your project as you raise funds.

Seeing is Believing

The beautiful thing about Campaignify is that it’s beautiful regardless of how you use it.

  • You can use it to fund a technology project – http://demo.astoundify.com/campaignify/
  • You can use it to fund your next album – http://demo.astoundify.com/campaignify-artists/
  • And you can use it to fund your next non-profit effort – http://demo.astoundify.com/campaignify-charity/

Either way, we’re sure you’ll love Campaignify.