Another Success for Canada Media Marketplace 2015

The Canada Media Marketplace has recently concluded its annual convention featuring US travel media delegates and renowned Canadian media-relations officers on another exposition of story ideas and travel experiences. Marking its 28th year, the three-day event (April 20-22) served as a melting pot of media practitioners and a networking opportunity for travel agencies and lodging […]

What is Canada Media Marketplace

Canada Media Marketplace is one of the most prominent Canadian events that take place in either New York or San Francisco. An annual celebration, the event brings together some of the best and brightest in Canadian and US media, each group contributing something that brings the quality of the industry one step higher in the […]

The Canadian Marketplace

The United States and Canada traded more than $533 billion in 2006 making the Canadian marketplace an important business strategy for those who are involved in direct mail campaigns. Here are the other reasons why: More than 25% of all mails coming to Canada originate from the USA. The Canadian marketplace is large and profitable […]

The Canadian Media Marketplace

The Canadian Media Marketplace is an annual event that brings together the media with regional and provincial tourism organizations in Canada, travel and attractions companies, and major hotels. The event takes place alternately in San Francisco and New York. The Canadian Media Marketplace is where bloggers and content writers gather to talk about new story […]