Although Canadian online shoppers have always had the option of buying products online, the options aren’t nearly as extensive as what American shoppers enjoy. This is why the arrival of a new Canadian online marketplace is welcomed as good news, extending the array of choices for the local shoppers.

Canadian Online Marketplace

In response to the growing clamor for online buying, a lot of websites are opening up and functioning as online marketplaces. You’ll find that there are two or more of these websites today, each one catering to the local area and offering pretty much the same services – with just slight changes in how things are dealt.

What’s On Offer the new Canadian online marketplace functions much like ebay but you sell all of your digital goods on it, Also catering exclusively to Canada with sellers who are also within the country. Given Canada’s unique array of people, this makes complete sense considering how local boutiques are operating mainly through their shops and social media platforms. With the online marketplace, even small boutiques can register as sellers and post their products online, side by side with brand name products.

Products for Sale

So what exactly is available on the site? – Anything and everything, apparently as buyers are allowed to browse apparel, home decors, tech gadgets, toys, jewelry, kids stuff, baby stuff, and so much more. This means that you can do all your shopping in just one place. The beauty here is that the marketplace only accepts sellers with local delivery, which means that you don’t have to pay through the nose to have your items delivered.

Canadian online marketplace

Perks for the Sellers

Although not all online marketplaces are the same – you’ll find that almost all of them charge sellers for every item purchased through the site. This is basically a ‘commission’ system which is actually great for the seller since they only pay for items that were actually purchased. Don’t worry though – this doesn’t mean you’ll be paying for more with each product. The commission is very little and will not affect the profit margin of the product. As usual, delivery will be paid for by the buyer.

Buying Online Safety

Of course, regardless of how friendly the Canadian online marketplace seems to be, it’s important to note that all online purchases come with a risk. Those being said, make sure to check the website and seller before pushing through with your purchase. Following are some factors to watch out for:

  • Find out what kind of security encryption is being used for the website. This is crucial since all your purchases will be done through credit card, making it important to remain protected with each transaction.
  • Check out reviews for the product as well as the seller. The item should have a 4 star rating or more, depending on your personal preferences
  • Find out the speed of product delivery. Considering how this is a local marketplace, delivery should be done quickly
  • Always find out if the seller offers a warranty for their product. Scrutinize item description as much as you can
  • Start from local sellers in the Canadian online marketplace that you know and compare!

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