The Canada Media Marketplace has recently concluded its annual convention featuring US travel media delegates and renowned Canadian media-relations officers on another exposition of story ideas and travel experiences. Marking its 28th year, the three-day event (April 20-22) served as a melting pot of media practitioners and a networking opportunity for travel agencies and lodging facilities up north. This year, around 200 attendees checked-in at the event’s official hotel partner, the posh Hilton Midtown Hotel in New York City.

Presented by Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC), the Canada Media Marketplace has been a yearly pilgrimage for travel journalists and tourism partners. It offers the attendees with a full day of 15-minute one-on-one appointments, Professional Development Sessions introducing the top industry experts as speakers; and a networking event for the tourism industry’s key players.

Since the previous gatherings, CMM has always highlighted Canada’s sprawling tourism as well as the media practices that aim to inspire effective and collaborative marketing strategies. Canada Media Marketplace generally takes place alternately in San Francisco and New York—from east coast to west coast and back. Last year, San Francisco hosted the event which garnered over 180 participants from the US and Canada. It also involved an afternoon of wine tasting featuring Canadian vintages.

Canada Media Marketplace

Canada Media Marketplace has always been among the top must-attend gatherings for media practitioners and tourism magnates. For one, it is a place to expand professional contacts and for strengthening international ties. It is also a place where new ideas and inspiration are born. By attending this event, the participating firms and media men expose themselves to an extensive array of stories and experiences worth emulating.

Among this year’s speakers for the Professional Development Session were James Clampet (Skift), Bret Love (Green Travel Media), and Jeremy Jauncey (Beautiful Destinations). The session began at 12:30 in the afternoon, with Canadian lunch served in between, and followed by a panel session and a question-and-answer portion.

For this year, the session focused on content marketing and its many formats and channels. The speakers have various backgrounds in international media and their expertise range from travel blogging to social media marketing.

Prior to the event, CMM has posted in its official website several Excel and PDF formats of the event’s registration forms, media and partner contacts, and profile books to be downloaded by the participants. Schedules of the three-day event were also posted accordingly.

Aside from motivating tourism media practices, Canada Media Marketplace is also committed to sustainability. In fact, it urges its organizers and partners to uphold “green” policy when it comes to the use of facilities to reduce the participants’ carbon footprint. Energy conservation and reduction of waste were among its host hotel’s efforts to adopt a sustainable environment for the event.

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